Python Urllib.error.http Error

Python 3 Programming Tutorial - urllib module

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I was trying to load a web page, but I ran into this problem. I do have the username and password, but I don't know how to use them in python code. I looked up on.

<Patrick.Bussi at> wrote. > > Hello, > > I cannot understand why I get the following error. > > 1) Here is an extract of the web page content I.

Python urllib.error.HTTPError Examples – – This page provides python code examples for urllib.error.HTTPError. The examples are extracted from open source python projects from GitHub.

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python – Again urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 400: Bad. – Hy! I tried to open web-page, that is normally opening in browser, but python just swears and does not want to work. import urllib.request, urllib.error f = urllib.

urllib.error — Exception classes raised by urllib.request. This is useful when handling exotic HTTP errors, The Python Software Foundation is a non-profit.

urllib.error — Exception classes raised by urllib. This is usually a string explaining the reason for this error. headers¶ The HTTP response. The Python.

Aug 18, 2012. except urllib.error.URLError as e: ResponseData = e.reason. (For example, this would be 'Forbidden'). You should also be careful with catching the subclass of errors before their superclass. In your example, this would mean putting HTTPError before URLError. Otherwise, the subclass will never get caught.

Python urllib tutorial for Accessing the Internet. The urllib module in Python 3 allows you access websites via your. Try and Except Error handling Python Tutorial.

urlopen raises URLError when it cannot handle a response (though as usual with Python APIs, built-in exceptions such as ValueError , TypeError etc. may also be raised). HTTPError is the subclass of URLError raised in the specific case of HTTP URLs. The exception classes are exported from the urllib.error module.

Jul 7, 2010. Just catch urllib2.HTTPError , handle it, and if it's not Error 404, simply use raise to re-raise the exception. See the Python tutorial. So you could do: import urllib2 try: urllib2.urlopen("some url") except urllib2.HTTPError as err: if err.code == 404: <whatever> else: raise.

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